Concept 1 | Naturelle cauliflower packaging

Cauliflower packaging

At Naturelle a packaging development project is executed as part of my master thesis. I developed a series of packaging improvements concepts for organic cauliflower. Complementary, recommendation on further development of the cauliflower packaging...

Exploded view | electical toothbrush Brown

Evolutionary product development

The goal of this course was to redesign a product in an evolutionary way. After analysing the history, functioning, materials and production processes of an electrical toothbrush, I made a redesign. My idea of...


Twentse Welle

For the museum ‘Twentse Welle’ I did a research and concepting project. Parts of the museum dealt with low amounts of visitors. Goal of the project was to determine why people didn’t visit those...


Sources of innovation

The project called sources of innovation focused on creating a product combining PV cells, LED’s and glass. Through usage of distinct innovation methods like an innovation journey and the innovation phase model a product...

Solid works model | Van der Veer Designers

Shopping trolley

For my bachelor thesis I executed a development project for Van der Veer Designers with Albert Heijn as potential client. Goal of the project was to improve grocery shopping by bike. The developed trolley...


Product cards

For the ESEF fair a yearly event in Utrecht, I made these ‘product cards’. Every card represents information about a recently developed product like a short description and the contributors of the project.


Food magazine

I created some covers and a part of the layout of a fictitious magazine for a university course. The covers are usable for a range of editions and the layout could be used in...


Sustainable development

To gain experience in product development contributing to sustainable development I executed life cycle assessments and studied topics like sustainable design and environmental economics. Furthermore, my master thesis focused on sustainable development. The goal...

System overview | PLM system

Product lifecycle management

One of the topics in my master focussed on the development of a product lifecycle management system. After investigating the use of information in a previously executed project, I developed a system usable for...

Execution cardsorting tool | Scenario based product design

Strategy and organization

In my master Industrial Design Engineering I focused on management of product development. Thereby I gained experience with theories and tools for management of innovation and R&D, intellectual property management and scenario based product...


Idea evaluation and feasibility studies

During my study exchange period in Sweden I gained experience in execution of idea evaluation and feasibility studies. Such projects evaluate new technologies and opportunities for future application. Furthermore experience in the possibilities and usage...

Brand analysis | Airberlin

Design management

As part of my master Industrial Design Engineering I gained experience in design management, the management and coordination of design within organisation to support achievement of the organisations goals.

Graphic design cover 1 | magazine Tukgijp

Tukgijp magazine

For the surfclub DWV Hardboard I made the graphical design of their magazine ‘Tukgijp’. Four editions with covers and layouts are created during a period of one year.